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Carnegie Mellon
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Sunday, September 21st, 2008
8:43 am
Carnegie Mellon Anonymous Confession Board
I thought you guys might like this:


The concept is simple: It is a free blog site that anyone can post on while being completely anonymous. You can ask the most simple questions about CMU or college life, or get a little more open and even blog about personal stuff. There is nothing you can't say. It's a site that gives people the opportunity to express what they are thinking and get responses without worrying about what anyone else thinks about them personally...pretty cool.
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006
8:19 pm
Carnegie Mellon Isn't Real
I was on Uncyclopedia doing some research just now, when I discovered that there is no entry on Carnegie Mellon. There's an entry about ellipses, and they're real... There's an entry on Asian chicks, and they're real. Heck, there's even an entry on Heterosexuality which until recently was thought to be a myth, but it turns out it's real, too.

On the other hand, fbqriblirenbal is made up, and there's no entry about it. The same goes for George Bush's Penis.

This leads me to only one conclusion: Carnegie Mellon isn't real. It doesn't exist! The logic above is absolutely flawless - everything that's on Unencyclopedia exists, and everything that doesn't exist isn't on Unencyclopedia.

What ever are we to do?

Current Mood: confused
Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
11:43 pm
the RIAA is out to get you - are your fellow students?
As you are probably aware, the RIAA has issued a subpoena against 30 Carnegie Mellon students guilty of the heinous crime of sharing music over the peer-to-peer network i2hub. These young criminals will be sued for approximately $15,000 each and will have no choice but to pay, since no one wins against the RIAA. The RIAA itself is glad to have this opportunity to show their dedication to saving their copyrighted material from the lawless anarchy of the web. So important is this goal that the noble RIAA is willing to sacrifice the economic security of thousands of people (especially university students) to ensure their copyrights are not infringed upon. CMU, seeing the merit of such diligent policing, gladly gave the RIAA the requested names of students. It did so wisely and without hesitation, unlike more unruly universities such as MIT, which fought obstinately to withhold the names of its young criminals.

It is all well and good that these lawless music traders be brought to justice for their abominable behavior. But the question remains of how exactly the RIAA is detecting piracy. Even Internet2 officials claim they are unaware how the RIAA traced the purportedly illegal activity on their own network. The RIAA itself won't disclose its methods, but it did say that its actions were lawful. And really, who are we to question?

However, there is speculation that the RIAA has recruited/bribed students at the colleges it targets to monitor file sharing networks, giving the RIAA the access tools it needs to find music traders. While this is yet unproven, it does seem like the sort of tactic the RIAA might employ. The question is now whether CMU students are more noble or broke.

I leave you with the screenshot at right, from a userlist on i2hub. The username "[CMU]RIAA" appeared on i2hub for less than 20 minutes on Monday and has not appeared since. Is this merely a student playing a joke, or perhaps something more sinister?
Monday, April 11th, 2005
3:21 pm
TJ - a conspiracy?
TJ stands for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. It is a hoax on such a grand scale with such a large amount of university effort to propagate it that it is well-deservedly the first conspiracy in this journal.

To any casual observer, TJ is a magnet high school with an excellent reputation. It has a silly, arty website and a few reviews online. Also, hundreds of its students attend Carnegie Mellon University and will gladly tell you so themselves.

The problem is, TJ isn't real.

TJ is a fictional high school made up by the CMU administration to explain the pasts of students with questionable origins. Talk to any "TJ student" and you'll see what I mean: they are the oddest, most unusual students on campus. They often talk in numbers rather than words and are known to fear the sunlight. Also, each consumes little or no food. Are these merely exiles from foreign countries or government refugees, or are we perhaps dealing with an entirely alien species?

CMU, sensing that its TJ hoax was nearing discovery, took drastic action last month and brought in a whole busload of "TJ people" to look around campus. They performed their part well, walking around and inquiring about the school as prospective students might. Yet at the end of the day they were seen being handed small envelopes and then leaving the area in different directions. Does that not sound suspicious, if they are all indeed from the same high school?

So seek out these TJ people, and if you find one inquire about their personal history. These are all well-trained actors, but perhaps their guise might fade away under intense inquisition. I wish you luck.

Edit: This proves it.
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