Jeff (scrumple) wrote in carnegiemellon,

TJ - a conspiracy?

TJ stands for Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. It is a hoax on such a grand scale with such a large amount of university effort to propagate it that it is well-deservedly the first conspiracy in this journal.

To any casual observer, TJ is a magnet high school with an excellent reputation. It has a silly, arty website and a few reviews online. Also, hundreds of its students attend Carnegie Mellon University and will gladly tell you so themselves.

The problem is, TJ isn't real.

TJ is a fictional high school made up by the CMU administration to explain the pasts of students with questionable origins. Talk to any "TJ student" and you'll see what I mean: they are the oddest, most unusual students on campus. They often talk in numbers rather than words and are known to fear the sunlight. Also, each consumes little or no food. Are these merely exiles from foreign countries or government refugees, or are we perhaps dealing with an entirely alien species?

CMU, sensing that its TJ hoax was nearing discovery, took drastic action last month and brought in a whole busload of "TJ people" to look around campus. They performed their part well, walking around and inquiring about the school as prospective students might. Yet at the end of the day they were seen being handed small envelopes and then leaving the area in different directions. Does that not sound suspicious, if they are all indeed from the same high school?

So seek out these TJ people, and if you find one inquire about their personal history. These are all well-trained actors, but perhaps their guise might fade away under intense inquisition. I wish you luck.

Edit: This proves it.
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