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Carnegie Mellon Isn't Real

I was on Uncyclopedia doing some research just now, when I discovered that there is no entry on Carnegie Mellon. There's an entry about ellipses, and they're real... There's an entry on Asian chicks, and they're real. Heck, there's even an entry on Heterosexuality which until recently was thought to be a myth, but it turns out it's real, too.

On the other hand, fbqriblirenbal is made up, and there's no entry about it. The same goes for George Bush's Penis.

This leads me to only one conclusion: Carnegie Mellon isn't real. It doesn't exist! The logic above is absolutely flawless - everything that's on Unencyclopedia exists, and everything that doesn't exist isn't on Unencyclopedia.

What ever are we to do?
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